Introduction From Major Director


PT Wijaya Karya Industri & Konstruksi is working with various industries as contributing to the sustainable growth of the Nation. We changed the way the industry works because we believe we have discovered a better way to provide a comprehensive solution.


We are committed to being a reliable and superior. We are proud to deliver a constant effort better have been accepted by our customers. As manufacturing of the products - industrial and construction products. We also offer integrated services in the construction and infrastructure as a whole.


We try hard to find a better solution for our customers and we affirmed in the Annual Report 2015 on the theme "Growing through Trust". Starting from the oil and gas industry, and many other industries. WIKON also help customers develop and build the facility in accordance with the needs in the future. And through the experience of working with several major infrastructure projects, helping us establish the infrastructure and industry in Indonesia.


In WIKON, our customers will be, and always be in our hearts while working. We are proud of our responsive approach in running the business. Our human resources became known throughout the industry and we always seek further - using the expertise and cultural cooperation to create different products and services for our customers, in order to reinforce the value and build sustainable relationships.