Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that organizations, especially (but not only). Companies are many forms of responsibility towards all stakeholders, amongst them are customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment in all aspects of company operations that include economic, social, and environmental. Therefore, CSR is closely linked to "sustainable development", which is an organization, particularly companies, in carrying out its activities must base their decisions not only based on their impact on the economic aspects, such as the level of profits or dividends, but also must weigh the social and environmental impacts arising of that decision, both for the short term and for the longer term. With such understanding, CSR can be considered as the company's contribution to the goal of sustainable development by way of impact management (minimization of negative impacts and maximizing positive impacts) for all stakeholders.

"CSR is an ongoing commitment by business to act ethically and contribute to economic development of the local community or society at large, along with an increase in the living standards of workers and the whole family"